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Lawn Barber - Christchurch

Margaret and her team of Lawn Barbers has been servicing Christchurch and Canterbury for a number of years. 
I felt there was a need for a business that specialized in scarifying in Christchurch. We are a small business, allowing us to stay focused on the needs of our clients.

Our experienced team give professional results every time, taking time and care to finish all jobs to a very high standard. Our focus is always to give our clients the best possible lawn services using proven products at a fair price. Our reputation has been built on quality customer service, honesty, superior knowledge and skill.

Over the years in Christchurch we have gained a strong clientele, with many referring our name to friends and family.

We are just a phone call away! 

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Customer Testimonials

After so many consultations with so called Lawn Experts and many Disasters with same Lawn Experts, we finally thought why not give Margaret Habgood a try. The best risk we have ever taken. Margaret and her team are Thorough, Professional, Talented, Knowledgeable and very cost friendly. Our lawns are certainly loving us for it (as Margaret says, your lawns Will love you). They don't just do a five minute patch up job, they start at the basics And build a luxurious Lawn with all their expertise. We recommend Margaret and her team to all in-sundry, for a stunning Finished job. If there was a rating for Margaret and her team we would give ten out of ten.

Eileen & Jim Nisbet

I approached Lawn Barber because I had tried to scarify my large 1/4 acre lawn area by hiring a scarifying machine., which was useless. Lawn Barber helped me by arriving onsite with every necessary piece of equipment including personnel, scarifyers, rakes, large scoops and fertiliser. The result was incredible, four tandem trailers of thatch removed from the lawn One thing I liked was their knowledge and advice I received both during and after the work was completed. I would recommend Lawn Barber to people who need to have a professional work carried out to obtain a good looking lawn.

Ronn Dunn - Christchurch